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Friday, 7 December 2007

Are you going to marry some one?

Marriage and English....good combination!

Oh! it's very nice of you. You are going to do very handsome job. Marriage is a very good happening of your life... so don't wast your time and makae hast.....go in search of beautiful bride or hansome groom!

But... stop dear! you are going to marry a girl or boy from Britain? ... no,no,no,no... I am very sorry...beacause you don't know English. English knowing is must! It is new rule for out-country- siders.

The BRITISH Home Office will introduce a English language test for those either planning to marry a Britain based person or already married and want to live with spouse in the country. this rule will be implemeted very soon...in 2008.

BRITISH Immigration Minister Liam Byrne says " speak English, obey the law and make sure that you're paying your taxes like the rest of us. If we are serious about English, Should't we give these individuals a flying a start in the UK by asking them to speak English from the day they arrive?"

So this the new situation ... but worry not,....If you don't want to seat idle at home, want to go to LONDON and your dream girl is waiting for you over there.....go and join Enlish Learnig Classes....make hast!


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jayaka said...

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